Collect your certificate at the bottom of the article. Luckily we’ve seen Microsoft advance the features that Windows offers. Manufacturers like Lenovo include their own utility tools, and screenshotting has fallen under the umbrella of these additions.

  • Check whether the Bluetooth connectivity issue has been resolved after following these steps.
  • Its downside is that if the reason why you have a slow or broken laptop is a faulty driver, it will still be the driver that will be installed by Windows.
  • In addition, you get all the features like free-form snipping, annotation and all.
  • Trust us, mistakes happen and it’s easier to have a backup than to start over.

However, when a new operating system arrives, many businesses choose to delay before rolling it out far and wide – and for good reason. Although Windows 11 will have undergone extensive testing, both in the lab and during early-access, bugs are already beginning to crop up post-launch. System requirements aside, Microsoft says it has done everything in its power to ensure upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11 as easy as possible for IT staff. During the development of Windows 11, another area Microsoft honed in on was performance and security, two qualities that will top the priority list for any business.

Use The Windows Key

Windows 10 is feature-packed and also supported by Security Updates all the way till 2025, giving you a lot of time to switch to Windows 11. But it’s that added bit of richness and clarity for msvcp140_dll everyday work tasks that has really helped the iMac maintain its place as my daily home office computer. But it’s the iMac’s six built-in speakers that have really stood out over the past few weeks. When I’m listening in on meetings, colleagues’ voices sound so loud and clear that they may as well be in the same room as me. Another important improvement which has progressed from beta to the full release is bolstering battery life in “idle or very low usage scenarios”, so that’s good to see. Previously, Windows 11 support had only been in testing, and therefore the operating system could only be installed by those running the beta version of SteamOS.

Tap Fn, Win and Print Screen keys together to record the full screen and save it to your hard drive. Press Fn and Print Screen keys to get screenshot of whole screen, and then copy it to the clipboard. From there, you can then mark up the image and save it to a new file or paste it elsewhere. Finally, flip the toggle next to Let Windows try to fix apps so they are not blurry to On.

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First of all, press the Windows Logo Key + L button to lock Windows 10. Now, select the ‘Recovery’ tab from the left pane. On the right-hand side pane, click on the ‘Get Started’ button. The “Recovery” page has three options, two of which we’ll be looking at here. Whether it’s a Dell, HP, or something more exotic, here’s how to reset your PC to start from scratch. While both USB and OEM method works, it is the cumbersome method, and in some PCs, it may take hours to restore, which should have been minutes jobs.

So, in these type of scenarios, it is useful to know how to take a screenshot. A new tab will automatically open in your browser, asking you to login. Simply login with either your Facebook account or your Google account. Once you have logged in, you can upload every screenshot you took by clicking the cloud icon beneath the selected area.

Note that Windows 7 is considered “end of life” and no longer receives Microsoft’s critical security updates. That makes it dangerous to use, as malware could infect your machine without you knowing. And is disabled if made display of color is darker than the other icons.

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