Is there a way to completely backup all the files necessary to reinstall Windows Live mail, in case I switch Hard drives or get a new computer? When I run the installer, it downloads additional files which won;t be there next June. “Should I try removing the account from WLM and reloading it? ” either that or try completely uninstalling and reinstall WLM. I find a fresh install often solves a multitude of issues. In 2015, I went to the States and started to get message that the system was detecting that I was not at my usual computer.

Once you’ve run a check for available updates, make sure to install these on your system via the prompt. Check your device manufacturer’s website for the latest Windows 10 driver, and install this on your system. Right click on the update you want to uninstall, and select Yes to confirm. Select the Program from the list, and select Uninstall. Navigate to Troubleshoot ➞ Advanced Options ➞ System Restore from the automatic repair screen.

Method 6: Remove Problematic Windows Update

There are chances that the Live Mail is unable to connect with the server, which is why there are some issues that you have been facing. I doubt it’s intentional other than if they break something as link a side effect of moving forward I doubt they’ll fix it. You’d have to tell us exactly what happens, and what messages you get when you try to send.

Keeping drivers updated is the best way to avoid facing BSOD caused due to outdated USB Hub driver. To update the driver easily without needing technical information, try Advanced Driver Updater. Using this excellent and powerful driver updating tool without manual intervention, outdated drivers can be easily narrowed down. To fix it, you will need to update the device driver, follow these steps to update the driver. Many BSOD error messages that are encountered can be contributed to an outdated Windows Operating System.

  • It is an important part of the system that can help fix hard drive problems.
  • Once you restore the system, the computer will revert back to its default settings, and the computer will fix all the internal errors.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the process.
  • This is called DNS name resolution and involves a DNS recursor querying various nameservers to figure out the actual IP address of a server.

Each of these categories is compressed within folders with labels that indicate the general location of the key. Double-clicking on any of these folders will expand the options and let you select whatever key you want to modify or adjust. Once you find the key, right-click on it and you can delete it. The pricing of Auslogics Registry Cleaner is fair. The subsequent license runs for 3 computers and lasts for 12 months. The benefits include deep registry optimization, notification settings control, extended priority support, and even an opportunity to ask a live expert three questions.

Best Free Registry Cleaners for Windows

It may change, considering that Windows 11 is still in development, but it seems unlikely that new information is added to the screen by Microsoft. Windows Insiders do get Green Screen of Death error messages instead. It must be said that most BSOD errors are NOT applicable for this type of service . STOP code 0x E may also display “NO_USER_MODE_CONTEXT” on the same STOP message.

Below we have explained few fixes (step-by-step) to repair disk errors in Windows 10. That’s all I want to say about how to fix the Window can’t repair this drive/check program error. Of course, there are other possible fixes like running a diagnostic tool and a clean install of Windows. You may follow them step by step to try to solve the problem yourself. If still not sure what to do, seek a qualified assistance. Taking a look at the error again, you’ll find that your data on the target drive may get lost since Windows says To prevent data loss, repair this drive now.

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